#Hello Admin!

Greetings citizens of the world, let us introduce of selves, we are Anonymous, We have progressed into Late capitalism. For those that may not understand the significance,
let me explain the ramifications. Capitalism depends on steady economic growth.
Beyond a Certain Point this becomes Harmful as it relies on Resource Extraction and creation of Rentier States.
There are no Ethics or Morality beyond this Quest to Further Economic Growth and it is done at any cost.
It has been said that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.The only law in life is that we are all the same.
What you do to me you also do it for the best of humanity there are no borders on out planet.
Sometimes we need to open our eyes to see what is happening. Cause sometimes it's the wrong doing is the truth
and the truth is the rea wrong doing. If we open our eyes we can see the reality its not better to be deft if
you are not deft and act like a visually impaired even we are not. We are just part of the bigger picture the whole world.
They are watching you, they are your frieds,teacher,nurse­,waiter who serves your food, your friendly neighborhood or just a homeless beggar. I am inclined to ask, when have you had enough? The Anti-Fascist Action Daedalus Collective has had enough. This is our Protest. We are Anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Unite as one divided by 0! Expect Us! Greets: | K1LL3rB4LL | X-m3n | CH34T3R | 3 Musketeers | BowS3r | M4r1obr0s | Anonymous Deadalus | M4r1nduque Prde | V1ruZeL | Sensei | Blk-Ph0x | Dev | | 51fu |Ub3rR00t | MrGr1n | LulzT1gr3 | C0d3r | Sang | c0d3c0rrup7